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  • Play Music History

    Learn how to play and improvise on the basic historical 12-bar blues formula (chord progression).

  • Blues Tools

    Develop your "Blues Toolbox" with various left and right-hand variations, chords, and patterns. These tools can also be transferred to other improvisations.

  • Become an Arranger

    Learn how to create your own blues arrangements for you and others to enjoy.

Improvise the Blues!

Do you want to learn to improvise on the piano?

Are you new to the piano and would like to play some great tunes without having to learn music notation? I would like for everyone to be able to have fun playing the piano, any time, any place - no music needed. In fact, you don't even need to read music notation to take this course!
Improvise the Blues!

Course curriculum

  • 03
    The 12-Bar Blues Formula
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  • 04
    Blues: Variation 1-Right Hand
    Show details
    • Right Hand Variation
    • Record Your Playing
  • 05
    Blues: Variation 2-Left Hand
    Show details
    • Left Hand Variation
    • Record Your Playing
  • 06
    Blues: Variation 3-Right Hand
    Show details
    • Blues Variation 3-Demo
    • Blues Variation 3-RH Chord Chart
    • Blues Variation 3-Right Hand
    • Record Your Playing
  • 07
    Blues: Variation 4-Left Hand
    Show details
    • Blues Variation 4-Demo
    • Blues Variation 4-Left Hand
    • Record Your Playing
  • 08
    About Chords
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    • Introduction to Chords
    • Playing Chords by Shape
  • 09
    The Blues Scale
    Show details
    • 12-Bar_Blues Scale
    • Blues Scale-1 Note per Beat-Demo
    • Blues Scale-1 Note per Beat-How to Play
    • Blues Scale-1 Note per beat-2 Octaves
    • Record Your Playing
  • 10
    Blues Scale: Triplets
    Show details
    • Blues Scale-3 Notes per Beat
    • Blues Scale-3 Notes per Beat-2 Octaves
    • Record Your Playing
  • 11
    Blues Patterns
    Show details
    • Blues Pattern
    • Blues Pattern 1
    • Record Your Playing
  • 12
    Putting it Together
    Show details
    • Mix and Match
  • 13
    Send Me Your Blues!
    Show details
    • Record Your Playing
  • 14
    Course Evaluation
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